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LogoThis website was set up as the first in a series of websites that look at particular aspects of Rotherhithe’s history.  It has emerged from a blog about Rotherhithe’s heritage, natural history and current issues (www.russiadock.blogspot.com).

South Dock has a fascinating history that starts officially with its construction in 1811, but its origins began over a century before, with the establishment of the Howland Great Dock in 1700.  This site looks at this fascinating history, the current situation and the future of South Dock and its immediate surroundings.

The story of South Dock continues to evolve, each phase of its development a reflection of the priorities of those that have owned it in the past and the equally ambitious and profit-focussed priorities of its present owners, Southwark Council, which is now planning substantial changes for its future.  Like various other areas of Rotherhithe, South Dock is under threat of unsympathetic development plans, and its future as a quiet oasis for residents and boat owners is very much under threat.

If you have more information to contribute, or have any comments or questions, please get in touch.

Best, Andie
(Andie Byrnes)